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Aurora Borealis

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Gallery quality streched canvas made in France with french wood.
High gloss varnish finish.

Rectangle size, black painted sides with a metal hanger on the back.
Size : 90x50 cm / 35,4x19,6 inches

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Unique painting of "Labradorite" mineral inspirations. The intriguing color of this stone has earned it many legends. Scandinavian peoples associate it with the Northern Lights. According to them, Labradorite borrows its magnificent reflections from iridescent clouds. The Eskimos also believe that Labradorite comes from the auroras. Conversely, the Inuit say that a man broke a Labradorite with his spear. The shards of this stone then formed the aurora borealis.

Artwork painted by hand with acrylic paint, gold leaf and sealed with a high gloss varnish.
Rectangle size of 90x50 cm / 35,4x19,6 inches can be hung thanks to its attachment on the back.
Painting dated, signed and stamped.

My paintings give a unique and luxurious touch to your interiors.

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Delivered with its certificate of authenticity and packaged carefully.

Weight 2 kg

24x8' inches / 60x20 cm


Canvas, acrylic paint.


Non contractual. Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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